Nikita Woolfe WORK

2016 Work

‘David & Goliath’ 1 hour Documentary [Producer/Director/Camera]

A documentary about London Council’s and how many Councils are pushing people out of their homes with no regard for community or health in the name of re-generation. ‘David and Goliath’ follows residents leaseholders at the famous CPO hearing for the Aylesbury Estate. The film gives a much needed look into a world which so far has been closed to most and shows how unfair the system is if you have very little money, yet the outcome was unexpected. This film is part of the new wave of documentaries which strive to give alternatives and options for people who watch the film.

In Post.

Expected completed Christmas 2016

‘Spice Wars’ [Producer/Camera]

A documentary about the dangers of illegal highs. Shot with a group of ex-offenders at risk. Contains interviews from leading specialist in the field of synthetic drugs.

Awards for All funded project in collaboration with Four Corners Film and St Martins.

In Post.

Expected completed in Nov 2016